The Top 5 Most Ridiculous Things I Have Considered Packing

I have trouble packing for weeklong trips, so you can imagine what a challenge it is for me to decide what comes along with me on my Peace Corps adventure. I’m finally getting down to it and have an impressive pile of things that are threatening to push me over the 80 pound weight limit. However, I have been fairly discerning and have stopped myself from throwing the following things into my suitcase:

1. Sushi. I’ve had sushi twice in the last week to prepare for the forthcoming sushi drought in my future. If there’s  a way to successfully pack delicious Hiroba rolls and transport them to Guatemala, please let me know.

2. My Bike. I only had this beauty for a year and I could see us being friends for a long, long time.  However, the logistics of getting this to Central America and then the prospect of not even being able to ride it on muddy, dirt roads proved too much and I was forced to sell it. [insert weeping]

3. The Entire Harry Potter Series. People, I love HP. [Let’s not even talk about how I won’t be in the states to enjoy the last two installments of the movie series.] And the books would surely provide me with countless hours of entertainment and untold comfort. But 80 pounds isn’t all that much and the complete series is pretty hefty so into storage they go.

4. Family members and each and every one of my friends. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. And, yes, that is a picture of Priscilla in a suitcase.

5. Snuggie. I don’t know if you have a Snuggie, but I do and I love it. It’s leopard print and I have spent many hours lounging around in it and loving life. I probably could have legitimized packing it as there is a chance I could end up in a colder climate, however explaining to a host family why I wear my robe backwards might prove tedious. Also, my sister would never let me live it down.

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One Response to The Top 5 Most Ridiculous Things I Have Considered Packing

  1. Augustus Elizashaeba Michillium (Yensul) says:

    Leopard print is the best. I too own this one and it makes me feel all sorts of snazzy.

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