T Minus Four Hours

We’re supposed to be up and checking out of our hotel rooms in roughly four hours. That’s 3:30 AM eastern. That’s 12:30 AM real time. Oh dear.

Then we board a bus (with our 80lbs of luggage each…) to the airport (Did I mention I volunteered to be a group leader? Which was all fine and great when it was just me counting people, but then it turned into me holding all the documents until we get to the airport. I AM GOING TO BE HOLDING 32 PASSPORTS AND AIRLINE TICKETS. No pressure.) then it’s off to Miami for a layover then finally to Guatemala where we will start training almost immediately.

So, am I nervous? Scared? Excited?

Yes. Yes. and Yes. And about a thousand other emotions also. But I also feel ready. I’ve been talking about this for months. It’s about time I got on that plane.

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