They just played Lady Gaga in this internet cafe.

There´s a lot I want to share with everyone and a lot I want to remember about my first few days here, but I´m sure a play by play would bore the pants off of you. So I´ll try to keep it short and sweet.

1. My language teachers apparently have a lot more confidence in my Spanish skills than I do because they placed me in a group with fairly advanced speakers. By the time I have put together a poorly constructed sentence in my head they´ve already moved on to the next subject! But my comprehension is improving daily and our instructor Eduardo is convinced I´m going to be a master. He´s a saint.

2. Each language group was assigned to a training site. I´m with three others in San ______ _______ _______ (I really wish I could figure out why most towns have FOUR names – also, can’t give you the whole name for SAFETY REASONS!!) and everyone else is in groups of 3 to 8 in communities surrounding Antigua. We meet up with everyone every Tuesday at the PC headquarters and again for special trips, but otherwise it´s just us in San Antonio. Looks like Janet, Carolyn, Justin and I are going to be besties.

3. I´m staying with a great woman named Duly and her young son Carlitos and I feel incredibly spoiled here. Their house has a beautiful open courtyard complete with flowers and a macadamia nut tree, a modern bathroom (yay for warm showers!), chickens, ducks, dog and parrot. They cook all my meals and even wash my clothes. I didn´t even have it that good in the states! Plus, there is an internet cafe across the street along with Duly´s salon (yeah, seriously, she even offered to do my nails and cut my hair).

4. I can´t help but notice that this experience so far has felt a little like summer camp. The 32 of us are already turning into a little family and it´s surprising, despite the dangers surrounding us and the apprehension we are all feeling, how much we are able to laugh at. Though I don´t know what else you would do when faced with endless stories about bowel movements…

I encourage you to leave questions in the comments section. They would help me figure out what is most interesting to you all back home! Otherwise, I might start relaying all the poop stories.

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4 Responses to They just played Lady Gaga in this internet cafe.

  1. dd says:

    poop stories. in detail

  2. Ta-Na-Na-Na says:

    1. Check your email.
    2. Thank god for your warm showers.
    3. You should totally get your nails done and hair did.
    4. Check your email.

  3. mike says:

    Pris and I ate in the Overlook today. The lady just said “Spicy?” and moved on with her life. Let’s add a meal here to our to-do list 2 years out? Miss you!

  4. Therese says:

    I have gotten so used to talking about poop in China. So feel free to share! Today on the subway a baby peed on the seat and 2 other women realized they just got peed on. One was mad and wouldn’t say anything. The other laughed about it. The mother didn’t even seem worried. Babies clothes here have a cut out where their privates are so they can pee and poop whenever. NO DIAPERS!!!

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