Quick Stats and Fun Facts

Tortillas Eaten: 34

Times I’ve Eaten Beans: 5

Times I’ve Eaten Spaghetti: 5

Bouts of Diarrhea: 0

Bug Bites: 12

Camioneta Rides: 8

Times Hit in the Head on Camioneta Rides: 3

Best Camioneta Song of the Week: Spice Girls “Stop”

Best Quote from Training This Week: “Humans fart, on average, 14 times a day.” “EVEN THE GIRLS?!”

Guatemalan Doppelgangers Spotted: 2*

Average Bedtime: 9:30PM

Books Read: 1**

Times My Host Brother Has Beaten Me at Games: 4

Bowls of Fruit Loops My Host Brother Can Eat in One Sitting: 4

Times the Parrot Has Startled Me by Talking When I’m Home Alone: 3

Letters Sent: 8***

Letters Received: 0

Times Mom Has Asked Me if I’m Okay This Week: 5

Number of Friends Who Have Asked About the Existence of Romantic Prospects in My Training Class aka “Any Hotties?”: 5

Times I’ve Been Told I am Going to Marry a Guatemalan: TOO MANY

Physical Activities I Do in the Privacy of My Room to Feel Less Lazy: Dance, Jump Rope (thanks for that nylon cord, Dad!), Sit-Ups

Trick to Getting Through This Weeks Spanish Homework: Answer all questions as if I were Harry Potter.

 *I’ve seen a short, pregnant Guatemalan Sami and an internet café managing Guatemalan Travis.

** I finished Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand in my first two weeks in country.

*** Sorry if you weren’t a part of the first round. It’s 6Q for every letter and I’m on a limited budget, loves.

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7 Responses to Quick Stats and Fun Facts

  1. DD says:

    It’s probably gonna get harder writing on your blog, but don’t get lazy! I wanna know what you’re up to. Give me your mailing address also. Stop being such a prude and go fuck a Guatemalan already. Yes, I said it.

  2. DD says:

    And why is masturbation not in one of your physical acivities that you do in th privacy of your room when feeling lazy?

  3. Ta-Na-Na-Na says:

    I think my many emails should be included in the “letters received” section. Thankyouverymuch! 🙂

  4. Purney says:

    OMG I can’t wait for the poop story. I know it’s coming soon…Oh! And I had dreams of Harry Potter last night. I’ll explain in a letter to you!

  5. Augustus Elizashaeba Michillium (Yensul) says:

    I am glad to be one of the people questioning you about “hotties.”

  6. Jenn says:

    you still didn’t get my card?? 😦

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