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Camioneta Chronicles and A Tale from the Baño

 “GUATE! GUATE!” There is something so incredibly grating in the way that ayudantes yell. And all they do is yell; when they are proclaiming the destination, when they are telling everyone to move back even when there is CLEARLY no … Continue reading

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The Big Question

We’re back from the Oriente (the east) in one piece. Which is pretty amazing considering the number of pistol toting cowboys, landslide ridden roads and stomach bugs we encountered (once again, I escaped the diarrhea!). In fact, despite these things … Continue reading

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Brief Hiatus

We´re halfway through FBT (field based training) in the east of the country, a department called Chiquimula (in a city someone´s guidebook simply referred to as a ¨dirty place¨) where the men are all vaqueros (cowboys) and I am sweating … Continue reading

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Día de Independencia

Wednesday was Independence Day here in Guatemala. Meaning that festivities started Monday morning and most people have yet to go back to normal schedules. A full review of the week would be impossible, but here are some highlights. Real Bombas … Continue reading

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Reflections at the Pila

I was washing my underwear in the pila (giant water receptacle on one side, sink on the other, usually located outside), wondering if I was doing it right. I know it sounds ridiculous. It’s your basic lather, rinse, repeat type … Continue reading

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My New Friend Jennifer Lopez

We were sitting in the park killing time, not quite used to the unstructured hours now afforded to us since Peace Corps Guatemala decided our Spanish skills were adequate and reassigned our language teacher to another group. (So, now we … Continue reading

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When in Guate…

Some facets of Guatemalan life have been surprisingly easy to adjust to (like the sporadic rumbling of the volcano nearby, camioneta rides and the food) while other things, even things that don’t seem all that strange, have proven harder for … Continue reading

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These have to be worth at least a thousand words.

These are photos from my first host family. I was only with them for the first four days, but it was a wonderful way to be welcomed into the country. They were an amazing group and I have to say … Continue reading

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