These have to be worth at least a thousand words.

These are photos from my first host family. I was only with them for the first four days, but it was a wonderful way to be welcomed into the country. They were an amazing group and I have to say that I took a particular liking to the cow and the puppy ¨bolita¨.

These are photos from my community based training site/with my training group where I will /who I will be working with for the next two months. Yes, that is a volcano. It was rumbling all night last night. And that dashing Guatemalteco in the lower photo is our language and cultural facilitator Eduardo. I thank him for teaching us which plants not to touch, how to correctly use the term ¨puchica¨and for taking us to see the crazy macadamia nut farm man. In case you´re wondering about my training group, their names are Justin, Carolyn and Janet. We´re like a little family.

This last set of photos are just things that have made me smile in the first few weeks. There´s the infamous parrot ¨Kuko¨who likes to say ¨te veo¨(¨I see you¨) while I´m showering. There´s also a precious shot of a church presentation I went to. This particular class dressed up like fruit and told the audience about different virtues we should all try to embody. The strange ¨Cat´s¨shot is of my notebook that my language teacher gave me for class. It really brightens up my spanish lessons. I also hope you enjoy the picture of my failing at making tamales, the infamous camionetas and some amazing grafitti.

Every day presents another priceless photo op, so there´s more where this came from, kids.

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3 Responses to These have to be worth at least a thousand words.

  1. DD says:

    I was just thinking about you. I heard there was a state of emergency called in Guatemala because of the rain and landslides. Hope you guys are okay!

  2. Ta-Na-Na-Na says:

    I am jealous of your cat’s notebook. Who needs Lisa Frank?

  3. Yensul says:

    Gf. I hope you think of me every time you look at that fun cat on the cover of your notebook. I know I think of you when I see my silly kitty calendar you gave me. Ha.

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