Feliz Acción de Gracias (Happy Thanksgiving)

In case you were worried, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Guatemala. The volunteers of the Oriente are getting together for a traditional dinner – the host even went to so far as to procure a real, live turkey for the occasion – and this time tomorrow I’ll be chowing down on mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce like the rest of you. And, as per tradition, I’d like to share with you all some things that I am thankful for.

My parents for calling me even though I know it has to be expensive, for being the most interesting and hilarious people I know and for always supporting me – even when I told them I wanted to live in a developing country for two years.

My sister for gchatting with me while she’s at work and reassuring me that I’m not an idiot for coming here, for being my favorite diva and for telling me that I’m not the ugly sister.

All of my friends back home for rooting me on during this strange journey, inspiring me in a million different ways and for sending me letters, postcards and packages.

My old host family for making the initial adjustment in country more enjoyable than I could have ever fathomed, always sharing chisme with me and especially for Carlos, my host brother, who never failed to entertain me with his dancing, singing and piano playing.

My new host family for accepting me so fully into their home, inviting me to accompany them whenever they leave the house, letting me watch their cable and for this glow in the dark keychain:

My fellow volunteers for an amazing training experience, all the phone calls just to “check in”, the Chucho’s Bark and a reason to look forward to Valentine’s Day.

I am also thankful for…

John F. Kennedy and Peace Corps making the next two years possible.

Camioneta rides that provide me with great stories.

Tigo making internet possible in my home and for my Justin Beiber backtone on my cell.

My counterpart finally coming back from vacation.

My coworkers that now eat lunch with me.

The man at the tienda who always sells me my cup of noodles and diet coke with a smile.

PACAs and all of the wonderful clothing items I’ve bought for less than 10Q apiece.

Finally, the fact that people actually read (and seem to enjoy) this blog – something that continues to amaze me.


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