The Ups and Downs

Current volunteers said that there would be ups and downs throughout this experience, but that the ups and downs in the first few months would be a veritable roller coaster. They weren’t lying. In fact, some days I question my mental health. I just doesn’t seem normal to go from hope and rainbows and big plans one minute and on the brink of tears, fighting the urge to punch strangers the next. But it happens – sometimes multiple times a day. If you’re a visual person, I would say my mood throughout the day kind of looks like this:

So, I take the good and the bad and suppress that urge to punch people. It’s a process. And sometimes it sucks. But, then again, sometimes it’s incredible. And eventually I think I’ll get to a point where I’m not victim to the roller coaster, but a happy rider.

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4 Responses to The Ups and Downs

  1. The visual looks like my heart rhythm before I left after all the beers and BBQ. Keep your chin up kid!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I likey the graph, but don’t likey the low points.

    If it makes you feel better, people stared at me when I was in Turkey. One: I am blonde and blue eyed. Two: I am curvy. At breakfast one morning, one of the waiters was treating me weird because he doesn’t treat women the way Americans treat women (as equals) and then took DRIED APRICOTS (fruit!) off my plate because I was apparently eating too much… And just before leaving the country, our taxi driver told me that he thought I must eat more doner than the average person. Fun.

    You’re beautiful just the way you are. And the people there are so lucky to have such a smart, ambitious person in their presence. Keep killing it gf!

  3. says:

    *hugs beefy*

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