Answers to Your Burning Questions: Round 1

This is going to take more than one post because I’m going to address the questions left in comments and also the most popular questions posed via e-mail, facebook and phone. So, without any further ado…

“Are you dating anyone?” –Therese, Alisa, Pretty much everyone…

The short answer is no. I have yet to go on any dates yet.

I find it hard to flirt in English and wouldn’t even know where to start in Spanish. Further, I’m not sure my sense of humor really translates. Aaaaand, if we’re being honest, my type is of a more pale, hipster variety and they are scarce here in Central America. However, these things haven’t completely deterred certain males. Case in point: Kite Man.

Remember the story about my kite? Well, fast-forward a few weeks to a feria in a neighboring aldea. I went with my host brother and we met up with his trusty pals and enjoyed multiple rounds of foosball and upbeat marimba music. We sat so the boys could have a snack. I passed on the strange chow-mein sandwiches and settled in for some quality people watching. Kite Man thought it unacceptable that I wasn’t going to join them in eating and bought me a bag of sliced mango. Such chivalry!

But I soon came to find that these weren’t innocent mango slices.

“There’s a dance on Christmas. You want to go?”

Damn mangoes.

However, due to sickness, I had to cancel our holiday date. And got the cold shoulder the next couple of times he was over at the house. (You know, because I really enjoyed being nauseous on Christmas and ditching him.) He apparently got over it though because last week he asked if I wanted to go to a concert in the next town over. I agreed and was actually looking forward to getting to see some live, Guatemalan musical acts. But then the car was broken and he didn’t have his motorcycle and date attempt number two was a failure. So I guess we’re even now?

Anyway, the point is there has been no dating for me. Which I know is a disappointment to all my friends who were convinced I would be well into some sort of whirlwind romance with a latin lover by now. I’m especially sorry to those who bet on that belief and lost.


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