Breaking Point

The english classes, the hours at work doing nothing, the ongoing struggles with spanish.

The hassles of travel, the ever growing number of bug bites, the unwanted attention in the streets and the way I get taken advantage of every time I buy something.

The loneliness, the homesickness, the overwhelming feeling of being useless here and missing out on everything back home.

I want to be near my sister, I want comfort, I want to go back to my grad program before they consolidate it due to budget cuts.

I might just be reaching my breaking point. I might just be coming home.

I sent my Program Director an email. We’re discussing options. I can’t see anything that would make me as happy as a plane ticket back to the states. I can’t believe I’m going to become one of those people I scoffed at, that I could never fathom becoming: an Early Terminator.









April Fools.

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4 Responses to Breaking Point

  1. chaizor says:

    Really Carmen, this wasn’t even good. The whole time it was apparent that you were posting an April’s fools day post. I expected higher quality trickery from you.

  2. pris says:

    OH MY GOD!! I’m a sucker, I totally fell for it! I should have known better because this came out of no where. You’re a tricky one!

  3. Ta-Na-Na-Na says:

    I fell for it. I was almost in my car on my way to central america.

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