Odds and Ends

You may have noticed that my posting has become fairly erratic over the last few months. This isn’t because internet has become scarce (in fact, I spend a hearty chunk of my living allowance every month ensuring that I have plenty of Tigo bandwith available…), it’s because I’ve established a routine here. And routines, while lovely and comforting, don’t provide much exciting blog fodder. I mean, “I got up today, went to the office, prepped for my afternoon meetings, went to my afternoon meetings, came home, ate dinner, read a little while, went to sleep” isn’t really riveting.

But there are things that occur that do liven things up a bit. For example, a few weeks ago I killed a particularly large spider which then exploded and unleashed a small wave of scurrying baby spiders. I also spent one very sweaty Sunday translating for optometry students from Memphis recently.

And sometimes the muni has events that break up the monotony of sitting in the office and explaining for the 100th time that what they really want is the RENAP office up the street. I particularly enjoyed the municipal Mother’s Day event this past week, especially how they made Vladimir (yes, there is someone in my office named Vladimir), Juan Miguel and the Mayor dress up and greet all the arriving mothers with fake roses and hugs.

Sometimes I get invited into people’s homes for various things. Sometimes happy things like cake nextdoor (which was then followed by twenty minutes of me naming things in english to convince the 5 year old birthday boy that, yes, I really can speak english). Sometimes not so happy things like the viewing for my former host families great grandmother. And sometimes very, very awesome things like the bash for former host family grandpa’s birthday.

I continue to improve my spanish (sometimes at what seems like a maddeningly slow pace), I try to make myself useful in the office, I keep dragging myself to my youth group meetings (and sometimes I almost kind of like it) and occasionally I get chased by a chucho. Things just keep rolling right along and I finally feel like that roller coaster I was riding at the start has finally started to level out (not that it’s entirely smooth sailing… I mean, I did almost cry walking home today because no one showed up to my meeting AGAIN). And even on the bad days I’m still comforted by a friendly acquaintance in town or a chocobanana or even by a sweet little pup that clearly wanted to come home with me.

 I’m glad I’ve finally found some balance here. Running away every other week at the beginning allowed me to see a lot of things and was definitely fun, but didn’t really help me to acclimate or integrate. So even though it’s a little more solitary and a little less exciting, the routine is good. I suppose I’ll just have to be a little more creative in finding blog inspiration.

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3 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. D D says:

    will you please make some video blogs?

  2. Elizabeth (sobrenombre: Yensul/Yensie) says:

    Yay for students from Memphis (of which I will soon join!). That dog is hella cute.

  3. Brad says:

    I’m really glad you have chocobananas to balance out your periodic bursting spider babies! Miss you!


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