Third Goal-ing It Up

I forgot to mention in my visit home wrap up that I actually did do something Peace Corps related in between all the eating and letting my friends shower me with love. In collaboration with a former Spanish teacher (and also former Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic) I spent one afternoon at a local Las Vegas high school talking about my experiences thus far and answering questions.

The third goal is probably my favorite out of the three. Because it’s basically just me talking about Guatemala. I don’t need to build anything or sit through frustrating meetings and there’s not even any spanish really required! It’s just me sharing what I know, what I feel. It’s especially enjoyable when I’m getting to share these thoughts with people who have never really had any exposure to Peace Corps. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but I felt like I could see my presentation spark something in a few of those students.

Maybe they won’t ever find themselves serving as volunteers, but if my experiences were to help inspire someone to continue taking Spanish and maybe study abroad someday, well, that’s still pretty cool for me. And even if that doesn’t happen, if they at least walked away with a slightly better understanding of Guatemala and a positive impression of it, well then I still made a small contribution to that third goal.

And huge thanks to Profe Andrews for allowing me to disrupt your class schedule! Speaking to your students (and getting to help out one of my favorite Spanish teachers ever) was a definite highlight of my trip home.

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3 Responses to Third Goal-ing It Up

  1. Ta Na Na Na says:

    dang gurrrrrl. where’d you go those shoes?!
    get it gurrrrrl.

  2. I have no doubt that you inspired children that day!

  3. J says:

    I’m sure you did!

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