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Rainy season can be intense and cruel and last night a particularly strong storm wreaked havoc all over Santa Rosa (the department I live in). I got first wind of problems when I was woken up by a call from … Continue reading

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La Política

We’re about three weeks from elections (to be held Sunday, September 11th… does anyone else think Sunday is a weird day to have an election?) and tensions are high. Personally, I will just be glad they’re over. No more caravans … Continue reading

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Happy Guateversary!

(full credit goes to Brynna for the term “Guateversary”) 12 months ago today we left our staging hotel in Washington DC in the wee hours of the morning and made our way to Guatemala to start life as Peace Corps … Continue reading

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Touchy Subject

If you were to creep on my facebook you would notice that it says I am “In a Relationship”. And, like my neighbors here in Guatemala who recently found and added me on facebook, you might bring it to my … Continue reading

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