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Makes Me Want to Make a Music Video…

Not much new to write about around these parts (sit in office looking for funding, youth groups, ignore bolos, try to finish Infinite Jest, eat, sleep, repeat, repeat) but I don’t like to let my parents and friends go too … Continue reading

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After the bad news last week I walked out of the office (I know, real professional) and went home. I posted a whiny facebook status update (I know, real mature) and sulked around my apartment for a little while. Eventually … Continue reading

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Post Election Update Part 2

Spoke too soon. I should have seen this coming, but since the current administration didn’t win re-election all the support/funds for my world map and girl’s camp have disappeared. It’s going to be a long 4 months…

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Post Election Update

I survived elections! The last week has been quite an adventure, but here we are and the country hasn’t collapsed to chaos (though a fair number of things have been set on fire and other minor clashes have occurred countrywide). … Continue reading

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As evidenced by my post documenting how much I cried during site visit and the counter I keep updated in the sidebar on the right to let you all know how often my bowels rebel, I clearly am committed to being … Continue reading

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