Yes, I’m aware that I’m a little late to post this, but I was just a tad busy. You know,  helping cook and then devour vegetarian thanksgiving… killing our turkey piñata… playing lots of cards… enjoying a thanksgiving starbucks… taking pictures with Guatemalan Santa… seeing the new twilight movie… It was all so wonderful and exciting I had to take a three hour nap this afternoon to aid in my recovery.

Lexi, Brynna (with her homemade pumpkin pie) and I getting ready for Thanksgiving.

I still want to make sure I dole out some thanks, though. Because I have much to be thankful for. And I’m not particularly good at vocalizing those thanks often enough. So here we go.

I’m thankful for my wonderful family. For the way my mom makes me feel like my every small accomplishment is tantamount to scaling Mount Everest or curing cancer. For the hilarious emails my dad sends me and the way he inspires me to never stop doing good. For my sister’s patience with my craziness and for always being my greatest advocate.

I’m thankful for my friends back home. The ones that keep sending me mail and presents and facebook words of encouragement and who read this blog and who just sound so damn thrilled when I call them on the phone for their birthdays that it makes it more of a gift for me than for them. Because they keep telling me how great I am and I suspect that part of the reason I’m still here is that I’m simply trying to live up to those expectations.

I’m thankful for my Guatemalan friends. And I know that it was basically pure luck and chance that brought me these friends, so I’m also thankful that I chose the host family I did and that I also chose to move to this particular apartment that just happened to be next door to another amazing family. I am thankful that they are all willing to invite me to their parties and let me tag along on their family outings and (in the case of the family next door) even sit around their apartment watching La Academia every Sunday. These people are the reason my PCV friends can’t seem to convince me to ever leave site.

I am thankful for my volunteer friends and how, when they do manage to drag me out of my muni, they make me laugh and rejuvenate me. I am thankful that the strangers I started this strange journey with have turned into some incredible friends. They support me and never cease to inspire me.

I am also thankful for Tigo internet that keeps me sane, mid service med tests that all came back saying I’m healthy, a new mayor that I’m pretty sure is going to be great to work with and the fact that I’m only 3 weeks from Christmas vacation and seeing my family (I haven’t seen my parents in TWO YEARS, people!). Happy Thanksgiving.

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