Día del Cariño

Around these parts February 14th isn’t just for couples, but a chance for everyone to celebrate all of their loves (romantic and familial) and friendships. At work we all shared a cake and many hugs and in the afternoon we passed various large community celebrations for the day. While we were watching the news tonight they even played a little commercial and text on the screen wished viewers a “Feliz día de amor y amistad” (happy day of love and friendship). And nobody seemed at all grumpy about “being alone” because that’s just not how the holiday works here. Also, it seems to be the only holiday not celebrated with exploding fireworks. All around a good day.

So, I just wanted to wish you a feliz día del cariño. Because chances are if you’re reading this, you are someone I love very much.

Next Valentine’s Day I will be back in the states, though. So, um, distribute this to any available men you may know.


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One Response to Día del Cariño

  1. Pelirroja says:

    Happy Valentine’s day!!

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