New Neighbors

So part of moving to a new town is moving into a new home. This is unfortunate because (once the loud, banda music at midnight and then again at 5 in the morning everyday neighbors moved out) I really liked my old apartment and the people living around me. It’s human nature, you get accustomed to things and eventually it starts to feel like home and then when presented with the prospect of moving, no matter where you are going or for what reason, there’s a part of you that is just annoyed. Finding a new house, sorting through belongings, packing and just moving in general is just a supreme pain in the butt.

Luckily, I haven’t accumulated too much stuff… well, okay, I did have a pick-up truck full of things but emptying my apartment on moving day took a grand total of twenty minutes, so I don’t think it was that bad. Anyway, the moving was fairly painless (if you don’t count my bed trying to fly away multiple times). And I got settled in the first couple days into my two room casita (little house) without too much trouble. It’s within a family compound and I live between my landlords and their parents. I have my own bathroom (hallelujah!) and, besides the fact that it’s pretty much always dark inside (guatemalan houses often lack adequate windows…) it’s treating me just fine.

I particularly like my new neighbor. He doesn’t play loud music and respects my privacy (unlike the landlord’s family… they’re kind of meddlesome). He’s also beautiful and always brightens my day when I come home. Sometimes it’s a little strange because we live in very close proximity and sometimes I can hear him, uh, doing his business. I also want to blame my fly problem on him, but I still like him.

I think he likes me too. Probably because I feed him carrots.

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One Response to New Neighbors

  1. You seem to be moving all the time … speaking of moving, GET BACK TO RENO FASTER! 🙂

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