This is my life

There’s been some sort of water shortage going on lately (or maybe I’m just ALWAYS out of the house and/or sleeping when it’s on… probably the sleeping) and I’m pushing four days without showering. Which, and this is probably not okay to admit on the internet, is pretty much par for the course here. But I went on a hike today so I’m feeling particularly grungy. I should have showered at the volunteers house I was visiting but I still haven’t figured out the bus schedule for my new town and was convinced that if I did not leave RIGHT. THAT. MINUTE. that I would be stranded somewhere on my way home. And being stranded is pretty high on my list of panic inducing fears (I used to get pretty bent out of shape in Seattle when I thought I’d missed a bus so you can imagine how insane I act about catching busses here) so I booked it out of there… and was then really annoyed when I sat in a bus for a half an hour waiting for the driver to decide he was ready to go.

I did make it home though, if you were wondering. In all my smelly glory. And I was hoping, hoping, hoping that the water would actually be on today, but I guess I used up my daily quota of Guatemala miracles on getting back to site. Maybe tomorrow.

Until next time (when maybe I’ll have something more substantial to post besides my saga of poor personal hygiene), here’s cats on leashes.


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One Response to This is my life

  1. Elizabeth (sobrenombre: Yensul/Yensie) says:

    I was contemplating teaching my Shelby kitty to walk a leash. She is so sad being stuck in my studio all day. Any suggestions?! ha

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