Feliz Dos Mil Trece

Last year, after a crazy New Year’s Eve in Antigua, Guatemala I did a review of 2011 and put together some 2012 goals.  I spent this past New Year’s Even in Reno, under the famous arch watching fireworks and dancing to Whitney Houston and made a mental note to check to see how I did in 2012 and maybe consider some 2013 goals. 
Here we go.

Put together an awesome Degree Project that will not only wow the professors back at Evans, but also truly help my municipality.

When I was told in late January that I would have to move by late March I shifted things into high gear knowing that it would be highly unlikely I’d be able to put together a viable Degree Project in my new site. So we surveyed over 800 women and I started writing. And then I moved and and kept writing. In spanish. Until June. I ended up with a three part, 75 page document which I gave to the Santa Cruz MWO and then translated into English for the Evans School. I’m not sure if it actually helped the MWO or if anyone at Evans actually cares about my project, but I’m pretty proud of it.

Finish one largescale project – either bottle school, library or capacitation center.

I was on track to maybe build that bottle school. Hug It Forward had been dragging their feet, but I was prepared to apply for SPA funding through USAID and had municipal and community support IN WRITING. I also had many bottles. But then I moved. Sad trombone.

Don’t strangle the kids in my youth groups…

All students in my youth groups were alive and well at the end of our time together!

Test out at Avanzado Alto Spanish level.

Not quite, Avanzado Medio.

Truly take advantage of the free time I have here that I won’t have post Peace Corps.

I read a lot of books, you guys. I’m not sure how many just in 2012, but 104 total over a 24 month period. I also did a good deal of traveling and, less impressively, watched many seasons of How I Met Your Mother.

Appreciate the new friends that I have made, remind the ones that have made the effort to keep me part of their lives how much they mean to me and accept the fact that people change and grow and grow apart.

This is just an ongoing work in progress. Facebook helps. Also, the roadtrip and coming back to Nevada for the holidays has been an excellent way to make up for lost time.

And, why not, I’m going to attempt to appreciate each day, each challenge, each opportunity and each experience that I am lucky enough to have come my way. 

Again, work in progress. I had many wasted days where I lay in bed, staring at the tarp on my ceiling (wondering if there were spiders in there) doing nothing, often feeling sorry for myself. But every day is an opportunity to do better.

As for 2013… it’s a scary year.

I have always known what the next step is. College, Graduate School, Peace Corps… Every time I looked forward I was able to see, more or less, what was going to happen and where I was going to be. I know that right now I’m in Reno with friends, biding my time until my trip to the Philippines. I’ll spend six weeks with my parents on beaches and visiting extended family and then come back early March and then… I have no idea. Everything past March 5th is a complete mystery.

I tried to avoid this uncertainty, too. I applied for the Foreign Service but didn’t make it through the Oral Assessment. I applied for the UNYPP but didn’t make it to the test. I applied for the PMF but didn’t make it to the interview. So now, not only was a clear path not presented to me, my confidence in my ability to find eventual employment has been severely shaken.

So I look forward to mid-March and it’s a blank. Back to Seattle? Stay in Nevada? DC? NY? Overseas? NGO? Government? Private sector? Fundraising? Programming? Policy analysis? M&E? Women’s rights? Youth? International development? CSR?

It’s a little exciting. But mostly terrifying.

I suppose my 2013 goal is to simply do my best and remain open-minded.

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1 Response to Feliz Dos Mil Trece

  1. Yensul says:

    The sky is the limit. Looks like you’ve got some good possibilities lined up

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